So I trade short-term and I have been able to trade in plus for a long time. I use forex indicator WallStreetTrader. I also use fundamental and technical analysis for trading, but the basis of the strategy is the analysis of trading volumes.


About WallStreetTrader Pro

The data is available on the system’s website for free, or you can conveniently receive it directly into the platform. It’s paid, but if you need an indicator to get data in a convenient way, then it’s better to pay for a subscription, it’s inexpensive.

In short, the indicator shows the injections of large players into the market, and these guys always protect their positions, so when the price returns to their entry level, you can open a rebound trade.

So far everything works great, I’m satisfied with the indicator.


Useful WallStreetTrader Links

You can download the indicator from this page.

Or use the service for free using this link.


The Essence of the Trading Strategy

In short, you need to look at where the movement came from with an increased volume, and when the price returns to this beginning, enter a rebound trade. It is assumed that a major player will defend this level.

Telegram chat example.

The first commandment of a volume trader: When we rise on volume and fall lightly, then there will always be an increase, because. a major player, if entered the market, will defend his position.

And if we grew on the volume, and we fall on the volume, then we already have to consider what the big man is up to. We skip such patterns

Well, three examples of the right pattern and one wrong.


Feedback on This Strategy

Stefan, thanks for the strategy, no losses so far. flight is normal. I follow hedge fund injections strictly.

I use this volumes as support/resistance levels.

First of all, I recommend looking at the daily trading sessions, where the strongest and longest sets of poses of market makers are. Here circles marked their strongest infusions. They then always defended these injections and did not let the price go beyond their open positions:

If you look at where additional volumes are being collected, you can see that there is also a trend, I marked them with a red square:



Questions And Answers

How to understand the logic of hedge funds

Hedge funds usually do not enter the market in one day, if the volume is single, then most likely it is an additional set. And if so, then the price has the right to return to the main entry point, where they have a trade open. Against her, they will no longer let the price at a loss

You need to understand the logic of how funds work, then everything will become clear

For example, you bought 10 lots at a price of $10. The price goes up to $20 and you want to get out at $100. You buy 10 more lots for $20. Now, if the price falls a little, you are not afraid, but you will not allow it to fall much already in order to be at a loss. Therefore, when the price returns to $ 10-15, you will buy all sales on the market

That’s the hedge fund mindset

And the trader’s thinking is here – if you can see that the price was growing from 10 to 20 dollars and there were volumes of hedge funds, then they were buying. And if suddenly the price drops after that, then we need to buy, because hedge funds are in the market and the price will not be allowed to go down much


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