A Word From Co-Founder

Dear wallstreettraderpro.com User, Many people have been asking me, why is this system is so prospective. I was born in Asia in a not asian family, then I moved to another country, and then to another one. My adaptation to life circles was continious, so I used to look on this world by different looks, always trying to analyse everything totally. I got different types of education so it helped me to look threw some things differently, and think unusual. So I explored futures markets for about 12 years, and was focused on it totally. Didn’t lose time for looking to a stock markets, options, FX, etc. And my type of exploration helped me to find some important things in everyday market activity. I was using it for some years, making money for my self. And later my friends started to ask me if they could learn to trade markets too, as I am. I always said that it’s too difficult, and it is senseless for them to read market books, to learn from different gurus and experts, who doesn’t even earn real money (except selling their books and webinars). It helped for some time to be free from my friend’s requests, but later they said that they definately want make money from the market as I did. I was thinking about how to help them. It is really difficlult to teach people about it, because I used very difficult calculations of market data every day. I had very powerful computers, and made a lot of programming stuff. So it was impossible to teach people how to trade the market.


How it was started

And than I started to develop a light version of my trading workspace. And that is how I’ve created WallStreetTrader 1.0. For beginning of this work there was only one trading instrument in it – E-mini S&P 500. It costs expensive price to get data for it in a special way and calculate on excellent computers. Later my friends who started to use it asked me to develop it, and were ready to pay for the data. So that is how WallStreetTrader 2.0 (from 4/12/2017) was created. And today you can see the latest version 3.0 for it from the 03/16/2018. It contains of many futures contracts and we can share with also an additional data for extra price. I’m happy to present the system to you. WallStreetTrader 3.0 is like a third child for me as I’ve spent a lot of time and money while developing it. And I’m also happy for myself, as I travel a lot (and have different hometowns), and now I can easily get needed data from any country, without being near the workstation computer as before. Firstly it were only my friends who could use, so now I want you to be my new friends 🙂

Antony J. Brand, co-founder wallstreettraderpro.com


Important changes And Updates

05/15/2021: Bitcoin data was added.

11/23/2018: Radar Pro was added – it allows you to see all the instruments just in one window; New buys and sales (including its exits) were deleted from the EOD system. We’ve noticed that this data is helpful mostly during the intraday trading. So it will be accessable only for closed group of traders who uses our special data;

We’ve developed an Indicator for MultiCharts for viewing data inside the platform.

03/16/2018: New buys and sales (including its exits) were added to the EOD system.

04/12/2017: WallStreetTrader Pro was launched.

01/15/2016: WallStreetTrader was created.