Day Trading Futures VS Having a Wife: What is Worse. My long study as a professional. 21+

Attention! This article is written strictly for men. The text contains the personal opinion of the author, profanity. Please take the entire text as a joke, fiction. Any matches are random. 

I decided to bring up this topic, despite the fact that it is forbidden and condemned for most of us. Discussing the shortcomings of women is taboo in our society. As a famous poet said, you can draw people’s attention to the shortcomings of a man and everyone will admit it, but if you pay attention to at least one of the shortcomings of a woman, all other women will hate you.

I spent several years on the following research. So now I invite you to read the summary of all this. Please consider my thoughts carefully, as I spent a lot of time communicating with people, keeping statistics and creating this article.

As you know, the basic need of any person is food, housing, money. And just like day trading, a wife can improve our financial situation in life, and they can also greatly worsen it. Let’s evaluate the risks of these two investments, and understand what is more dangerous, to get emotions from trading, or to get emotions from women.


Investments for Women

If you are a girl or a woman, then please do not read this article. You have nothing to fear, both in terms of investment and in terms of marriage. The legislation of most countries is always on the side of women in the 21st century. So just take a cue from Jeff Bezos’ Wife.

  1. Find an outstanding genius.
    Example. Once upon a time there was a boy named Jeff. He graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in 1986 with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. Until the beginning of 1994, he worked in his specialty on Wall Street in various positions. Engaged in the development of a network for international trade. He later took the position of vice president of D. E. Shaw & Co, from which he left in the summer of 1994.In late 1994, while traveling across the country from New York to Seattle, Bezos founded with an initial investment of $300,000. The site was launched on July 16, 1995, although at that time it was not completely finished: for example, it was possible to order a negative number of books on it. Bezos motivated this by the need to get ahead of competitors. The company started as an online bookstore and has expanded to sell a wide range of products and services, including video and audio streaming.
  2. Marry him.
  3. Wait until he realizes his projects.
  4. Wait until he becomes a billionaire.
  5. Get your share of the investment.
  6. Find yourself the man of your dreams.
  7. Profit! You are the richest woman in the world.

Day Trading Futures VS Having a Wife: Look for Men

Who needs a wife in the 21st century?

Surely you have already tried relationships, or seen how your peers tried to play the cell of society, and then everything fell apart with a bang.

So, understand correctly that now in your head to have thoughts about marriage and serious relationships, about some kind of relationship in general, and even more so about a wedding, this is a very bad life strategy. Look at most women – they are unsuitable for a family, for one simple reason, because unfortunately there was no one to educate them. Absolutely no one. Now, if we now met her father on the street, then her father would rub fierce game on us, and we would find out that his wife is far from first-hand there, and well, you yourself understand that their children eventually take an example from their parents . From the mother, who roamed the peasants before marriage, from the father, who then picked her up …

Modern youth (twenty – thirty years old is the average age at which the thought of marriage, family and other garbage arises.

This is all imposed, it is not clear by whom, and when … But to be honest, it is of course clear by whom …. All this is imposed by your banal fear that you, like, will remain some kind of outcast, some kind of homeless person, no one needs.

And so it is with everyone. But there is a way out.

I assure you, you will not be left without a woman, you will not be left without a penis attachment, they are, and they are grown for you in large numbers.

But your task in life is not to run and not be killed for all this goodness. So that it is next to you – it will find you. They themselves have nowhere to hide.

If only you… Know what you want in your life! And if you have a purpose in your life, if you know where you are going, if you know where your final stop is, these assholes will crawl after you so that you pay at least attention to it …

You don’t have to walk around with your nose down. You must live with your head held high. And go forward, because you are confident in your strength in your life. Because you know what you want from this fucking life. And I don’t care what you want. The main thing is that you bitch know what you want!

And all these women… It’s not going anywhere. There is so much of it and the bulk of it is so unusable that it should be worthy to be near you.

For years your dad and your grandfather have been hammered into their heads that men should be worthy of that vagina. But look at the statistics… These cunts see more cocks in a few years than you can imagine. And they are completely unsuitable for creating a family.

Moreover, we are entering the space age. And the space age is when a man looks not ten years ahead, but ten light-bitch years ahead.

You understand at least that there are people around you now – guys, men who will create something tomorrow that will fly ten thousand light years into the depths of space.

10,000 light years. Do you even realize this? You can at least understand that the heifers that you see around are an anchor, a brake, a neck collar, whose function and task in life is to give birth and find a fool who will provide all this.


Modern women. Are they suitable for a relationship?

Twisting your ass, sticking that cunt on someone’s dick is the maximum most of these vaginas are good for, and that’s the only maximum they’re good for. These are anchors. If you are now 18-20 years old and you believe that all this will provide you with some kind of joy in life, you are deeply mistaken. All this bullshit can solve for you is the blue balls issue (unfortunately).

Unfortunately, for most of us, this seems to be the most important goal in life. And many will be killed for the sake of women, they will seek them, they will persuade them, they will forgive them, they will pay money to get her back, they will buy a course on how to get her back. That’s why most people are now wasting their time listening to me, I know it, it makes me sad. Even this free course is essentially useless for most. Unfortunately, the opinion of their parents who have lived their whole lives and secured their old age, their relatives who have been divorced 10 times each, their sisters who are divorced with trailers – their opinion will be more important for anxious guys. I know this and I do not make claims to anyone, I just ask you, as a trader, a representative of the intellectual profession, to think a little with your head.

If you are now 18-20 years old, imagine your future: everything that you are planning now and your parents have planned for you to do in this life and what you have been doing will soon be replaced by robots. And very soon. Half of these professions that today are still performed by people – by your 40 years they will no longer exist. And no one will pay people for it. And already a lot of professions are disappearing right now. To date, there are professions for the mind, and nothing more.

But this is all that is imposed by society, this is all for the slaves, this is all for the attendants. They all set you a goal to find a soul mate, take this ass for service and drag this ass through life. And they put such a primitive goal in front of you because you are a slave and your parents are slaves and they don’t care about you, that’s all. Yes, it’s sad but then again it removes the problem of blue eggs very easily and very cheaply and very free of charge, but……. none of them are suitable for going to the registry office with her, so that she gives birth to children for you, because this is all an anchor at your young age.

Now a lot of parents don’t know what to do with you, they put you in some kind of technical school or institute from which you are already sick, you get a profession in which you will never work … Have you ever wondered why you study where you are from this be sick? But you don’t care because your parents stuffed you there and that’s it. But the problem is, they don’t know what to do with you either. They are limited and they want to make you the same. So that the purpose of your life is the maintenance of the vagina.

And so you spend time on heifers unsuitable for creating a family, on vaginas … And then you won’t notice how you crawl in front of them on your knees, how you marry a vagina.

I understand that men (let’s call it now men in brackets) who will tell you that this is all nonsense, and pussy is the greatest value of your life, there will be a lot of these men. There are even men who say that life without sex or a woman does not make him a man. And without it, he is not a man.

And I understand that you live among them, and your environment will explain to you that he is right, but if you look at these women with whom they live, these are not women with a capital letter, these are real sperm collectors on legs, these are penis attachments , moreover, the nozzles are ordinary, cheap, affordable. Raised by their parents, who have no upbringing or moral values.

And starting to fuck at the age of 15, they manage not to fly in (special thanks to their parents for this, for the fact that their 15-year-old daughters somehow miraculously manage not to give birth yet). But I do not know why everyone still continues to call them women, and even more so, some say that without them he is not a man.

And if you are now 20, then your children, if you have them, they will most likely already have very affordable flights somewhere to the nearest planets, I believe in this, with this speed of technology that we see now, all this will happen, and very fast. The speed with which everything is developing now is simply colossal. Because, my dear, until quite recently, we could not even imagine that it was possible to talk via video link on some plastic box. We read about it in books, and it was science fiction, where people communicated with each other through a plastic box. And literally all over the world there were a couple of these science fiction writers who wrote about it, because everyone else did not even suspect that this was possible.

And now there are already many non-state private companies that fly into space, that send satellites into space, private companies that work on aircraft so that they no longer fly into space on rockets, but by planes. That is, space tourism already exists today, and Richard Branson and Bezos have already shown this. And literally in a few years (or maybe the time has come while reading this course) people will fly to Mars.

And you set yourself the goal of running around for nozzles on the penis. But understand, a woman does not make you a man, and having a woman around does not make you a man. Only you always make a man out of yourself.


Why does a man need a registry office?

Well, fiancé, I want to talk to you a little bit, ask you such a simple question as a person who talks to men almost every day and has collected a large amount of statistics.

I very often ask a question (banal, it would seem) – “why do you need a registry office”, and in principle I get not so many answers – the most common one is “register, legitimize relations, make relations legal”. And I immediately have a logical question for them – are there any relationships illegal ??? Is it possible that the relationship is illegal? Example, you get married and now your girlfriend will officially become your wife, but if suddenly I or my friend or a man unknown to me / her / you come and fuck your wife when she is married to you, would that be illegal? No, she will not do anything illegal, no legislation will punish your wife, and even more so you, even if you, being married, will have a relationship with some leftist woman.

Yes, there are no illegal relationships. Therefore, I don’t need to lie to myself either, and don’t entertain the illusion that you are going to legitimize your family, because all you are doing now is an attempt to retain the right to have sex with a woman (and for her this is an attempt to secure a new source of income) . But we all know that sex in marriage, sex after the registry office – ask any married man – sex is dying out, and the quality and quantity of it tends to go down, and today, before the registry office and before marriage, this is the best sex you have ever had with this grandmother. And this raises one logical question – do you need it? Do you need to go sign a piece of paper, make some kind of promise, and at the same time, at least reduce the quality and quantity of sex in your life? Have your friends ever told you about going to the married ones? Have your friends ever told you how many married people are on dating sites? Haven’t you yourself been on a dating site and seen the number of married women? Yes, they are also living people and they want to fuck.

That’s it, back to your marriage. We will put such explanations about “legitimizing relationships” aside and turn on the logic, since you are a trader and you are a man, and you should be a little easier with this. And look at the young women around, if you didn’t communicate with them much, then these are often the first scammers in the village, about which all friends know that they are suckers, that this davalka is trouble-free … Grandmothers near the entrance know, her former pihars know (who you are embarrassed to dial and find out why her ex used your chosen one without condoms (and very often one time) and then left). So let’s think about how you suddenly suddenly differ from these guys who just fucked your wife in the mouth, why are you worse? What kind of sex with her will you have to go to marriage, if only she was yours.

So, you, as a real responsible man, want to give guarantees that you will always be faithful and devoted to her. And she, without even thinking, can easily give guarantees to you.

Type on the Internet “official statistics of marriages and divorces”. Almost 400,000 men like you, who believed that this was once and for all, went to the registry office, put their signature, after which 295,000 then came to court. Who brought 80 percent of these statements there? Of course a woman. Women always file for divorce. Why? Well, why, because the guarantees that you gave (and let’s remember the guarantees that you gave, agreeing to the laws – if suddenly she has a child, and she has a child, because the number of paying elements overshadows consciousness, the guarantee that you will pay the elements when she gives birth to herself (!!!! yes, yes, to herself, ask them why and to whom they give birth) a child, then she will live in your own apartment, moreover, with another pihar, or with your mother, but you don’t you will even see, and if you do, then only if you come there with the bailiff, and for this you still need to find a bailiff who will go there with you, and then you will still need to go to court and prove and complain that she does not allow you to see your child ….).


Why do you need a registry office?

So you read all this, and said to yourself firmly that this will not happen to you, of course not, you are not like that. And you are sure that you will do it consciously, and you will take a wheelbarrow and a mortgage only in your name, and all this in advance of marriage, and all that. But now imagine that if we take 295 thousand divorces, and 150 thousand of these divorcees are still married with a child and now they are in the real estate market with a child, and you will listen to her affectionate stories about how cool you are until her demo mode ends , and you will give guarantees to this woman and her child … In this case, first take an interest in how men get divorced, and with what a man leaves marriage. Find lawyers on the Internet, and do not be lazy, call them, find out how people live.

Marriage is a contract. And here you go to sign the contract, but turn on your brains. You have a lot of guarantees for a woman, but what are her guarantees? Does she guarantee you something? Yeah, all you’re hoping for is to stake out sex with her. But does she guarantee you anything? Where, by what legislation? And are women generally obligated to give something, what kind of guarantees? Or is it all a one way game? What is essentially a game of master and slave…

Now strain your memory, which of the two of you (you or she) fell to your knees, begging, dear, I beg you, come with me to the registry office, how many of you post these snotty stories in contacts and Facebook, where she said “yes” and agreed . So why, after all, does a peasant need a registry office – there is another answer and a very common one – well, so that there are children. But I beg you, no legislation obliges people who have intercourse, so that the parents of the children have the same surnames or stamps in the passport. Any of you, if you are a man, you can immediately go to a married neighbor to fuck her, she will become pregnant and give birth to a child, and write this child to yourself. There is no problem in this to enroll children in your passport. By the way, even the state can help you with this, because within 300-something days, if you divorced a woman, she marries some fool during this period of time, then … Read the laws, read my friend. It won’t affect you, will it?

So don’t tell me this nonsense that you all go to the registry office so that the children write down the last name in your name. Now there are a lot of children in kindergartens and schools, who are followed by some kind of hell with a prostitute who calls himself dad, but they don’t even remember the real dad.

Grandma needs a registry office.

Take the average girl. She is already in the eyes of her mother, in the eyes of her neighbors, in the eyes of her aunt and uncle, in the eyes of her friends, a slut (talk to them if you have little experience in live communication), and you, fool, are needed only for one thing – reset her counter. So that she can finally come to work and breathe a sigh of relief, “finally I’m married.” I slept with the whole workshop and no one got married, I sucked the whole team, and no one took it, I fucked Armenians in the market for a tangerine, and they didn’t get me married, but this loshara took me, and I’m so happy, I can now continue to suck for a tangerine and no one will tell me anything that I’m a slut, because I’m married!

And now the most important thing, find living men, those who are married or have been married. And they will tell you what marriage is – it is minimalized limited sex, often for money, often for big money, because these boots, rings, diamonds, fur coats are not cheap. So they won’t tell you that better times, man, have never been, now no one will tell you anywhere. Now even many mothers say to their sons – well done son that he did not marry, thank God we were carried away, carried away from these ugly sick children, genetically sick children, carried away from all this, from this shabolda, from this division of property, thank God, son, that you are not got into shit. Although in general, of course, only a few parents understand that in the 21st century, neither you, nor she, nor your relatives, nor her relatives anymore have family values. And no one wants to receive or find these values, with the exception of a few. A modern family is generally eternal problems, and if you still do not understand what a family is, and you want to create your own cell of society, then think about what a cell of society is. Look at your parents and her parents, are they enjoying life there? They have achieved some success there, they have a broken-down hevrolet niva, but this does not mean that they have solved all their problems and are absolutely happy. Statistically, the family is eternal endless problems, in the family there are always some tasks that need to be solved, completed, achieved, find a second job, heal health, kidneys, then work again, again health, kidneys, receive treatment, problems, school, the car burned down, smashed broke stole problems problems problems, less and less and less sex, and now you’re married, and there are a dime a dozen free sluts around, but time can’t be returned.

And you all think that you are so unique, does this not apply to you?

Some kind of overdue shabolda has become attached to you, or a girl who has already slept with someone – get rid of her today. Because tomorrow she will get attached to someone else anyway, because this is an ordinary shabolda, she is not unique in anything, this fat woman fucked before you … Understand, you can have packs of these fat bitches, you don’t have to answer for them, go for two -three jobs because she stays at home and eats and adds weight to her ass. And you don’t need to treat her, you don’t need to earn money and not sleep at night somewhere under the clinic, because all of a sudden she suddenly had diseases like a woman (due to the fact that she slept, don’t understand with anyone before you or already with you changed just once) and now for some reason this problem is suddenly yours and not her pihar, and your money should solve all these problems.

Therefore, if you decide to marry, and you are young and stupid, then look carefully, carefully (!!!) – where did you get her from, from what member did you get her, after what marriage did she go to bed with you, after what husband and what he looked like. And is it worth it – going to bed for weeks and months without sex, is it worth going to bed with a woman who turns away from you with resentment for some garbage, is it worth going to bed with a woman who vomits from your return home ?! You come home, her face changes, and she is already sick of you … But you are going to go to the registry office, because this is not about you, and you are not like that, and your woman will never be like that.

Or maybe you still take it honestly and say, “I just wanted to have sex with you, I thought you wouldn’t let me, so I decided to show myself as some kind of caring man guaranteeing you a bright future.” So why does a man need a registry office? You know the answer to this question. But everyone wants you to trade your single carefree life for an enterprise that will lead you to bankruptcy, to the loss of health, nerves and property with a 90 percent probability.


So what about intraday futures trading?

Rich men who choose to trade instead of women are called nerds. Because they don’t have a girlfriend. Such people usually have hobbies, goals in life, money and much more. But a lot of people hate them. Let’s look at the pros and cons of such a life. Moreover, trading often deprives traders of money, just like women.

Day trading futures
pros: (+)
Day trading futures cons: (-)
1. Independence. Work for yourself 1. Highest load during bidding
2. Trade anywhere with internet access 2. Due to the human factor, a huge number of people lose money in the market
3. Choosing a suitable work schedule 3. No stable income. One month can be positive, and the other is already negative.
4. High earnings in the market are possible 4. Trading will take a lot of effort and time to learn it
5. Diploma doesn’t matter 5. There is little to no truth in education that is in the public domain
6. You can achieve great success in this area, but only a few will be able to do it! 6. The market will break 99% of traders. The market is a huge and serious machine that lives by its own laws, and you don’t even exist in it!
7. Trading is one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. 7. Emotionally hard work where you have to fight with yourself all the time

Therefore, if you are not a long-term investor, then it will be more difficult for you to succeed in the market by trading intraday.


Day Trading Futures VS Having a Wife: What is Worse?

Trading Cons Marriage Cons
High loss rates High divorce rates
You may lose your wealth You may lose your wealth
You may never learn how to trade profitably You may not get along with your partner
Attraction vanishes over time
Your partner may cheat on you
High level of dependence
It may be hard to get out of a marriage
Individuality will suffer
Marriage as outdated social construct
Introducing the state into your life

So what is the result? What is worse, what is better? Women or day trading futures? In my opinion, both are very risky things. Therefore, I personally choose long-term investment. It makes you rich, and wealth makes you happy.

Attention! This article was written about bad women. If you are a good woman, then this article cannot offend you. Thank you for being you and being good.


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