Euro forecast with Volume Spread Analysis

So far, all the forecasts that I have published have been processed. I don’t think that something should interfere with the future and work as clearly as before.

Another batch of predictions. We take the euro.

For the euro, everything is very elementary, we have a bold sell.

I know that many are waiting for QE from the ECB – most likely it will be. Because currency always depreciates on QE (only stock markets grow). But one way or another, we are not up to analytics, we trade what we see.


1 ball – blocking the exit from the level with a huge volume.

2 bead is similar to 4, see below

3 ball similar to the first

4 I broke the ball into three

1 point is a bear eggs or bullish denial pattern, but the next two bars should also be considered, which indicate continued downward pressure. The volume at the first point is low, so the egg pattern breaks down in essence, so this is a classic market fall on sellers.

As a result, movement towards parity detected.

Read the VSA Fundamentals.


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