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Wall Street Trader specializes in search of large trends and time from the beginning, and conditions also necessary for this purpose.


You will be able to see the first places in the market where institutional investors enter the market and where they leave.


We also have history of their transactions for the last 5 years and you could see on history as the market reacts to transactions.


All information is collected from closed sources on a daily basis. Big smart money comes in and out of the market gradually, not in one day. So, there is always an opportunity to have time to open the desired position and orders.

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Do not forget that you came into trading to earn money, and then relax in the evenings, listening to cool music. Instead of sitting at the computer for days, mired in trading.

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We have collected for you the most popular articles about trading on our website.

Trading strategies using Wall Street Trader
  • How to Use Wall Street Trader From the Site Big Money Activity Very important value, which shows time and place where big money finds liquidity to open new very large positions. This places can be very strong support/resistance zones, where it is very easy to…
  •
Volume Spread Analysis – VSA Futures Trading Strategy
  • I wrote this article more for trained traders. If you are a beginner, start with simple VSA books or skip straight to the examples section. The microstructure of the Futures of FOREX market is a layer of scientific financial literature devoted to the foreign exchange…
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Why Do We Analyze Futures Instead of Forex?
  • Starting with the Bretton Woods currency system (1944), the US dollar has been the main international reserve currency, so the quotes of other countries’ currencies are expressed through the US dollar. Types of currency quotes: – Direct quote (fixed amounts of the foreign currency are…
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How to Trade with Futures Indicator WallStreetTrader
  • So I trade short-term and I have been able to trade in plus for a long time. I use forex indicator WallStreetTrader. I also use fundamental and technical analysis for trading, but the basis of the strategy is the analysis of trading volumes. About…
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The Best Day Trading Futures Trading Strategies
  • Having been in the market since 2007, I have tried many trading systems, so I want to share with you those that work well, and also those that are not worth wasting time on. And I suggest starting with the top trading strategies based on…
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Why Does Price Change Occur?
  • A condition that describes the ability to execute orders of any size quickly and efficiently without a substantial affect on the price. Liquidity can be described in terms of volume and open interest (abbr. OI). Each unit of volume represents a complete transaction. When one…
  •

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